Searle Civil Justice Institute

Initially funded with a generous grant from The Searle Freedom Trust, the Searle Civil Justice Institute is proud to bear the Searle Family name. The SCJI provides analytically rigorous, balanced, peer reviewed research on the impact of laws and regulations on our nation's free enterprise system.  

The SCJI explores a range of topics through empirical and qualitative research models.  Empirical research projects allow a diverse task force of academic experts and members of the SCJI's internal research team to conduct large-scale, peer reviewed research projects with controls on both quality and completion time.

These initiatives involve the collection of substantial amounts of data, statistical and econometric analyses, and production of public policy reports. These reports are subject to a balanced peer review process in accordance with the SCJI research protocol and reviewed by the SCJI Board of Overseers. Task force approval ensures that hard facts are part of the policy debates regarding our nation's legal and regulatory environment. 



James C. Cooper, Director, Research, Law & Economics Center | 703.993.9582

Jonathan Klick, Director, Searle Civil Justice Institute | 215.746.3455

Eric A. Helland, Director, Research, Searle Civil Justice Institute | 909.607.7275

Matthew D. Sibery, Coordinator, Research | 703.993.8397