Course Descriptions

Public Policy Conferences

These high-level, AG-focused programs are designed to address the latest policy issues faced by state AG offices in a balanced and broad-based manner. Content is provided in a variety of formats including panel discussions, debates and lectures. Instructors include preeminent experts drawn from academia, government, and the private sector. 

Economics Institute

The Economics Institute provides an introduction to basic concepts of law and economics with a focus on applications in the public policy arena. Examples of topics covered include markets in action; property rights and exchange; competition and monopoly; information costs and transaction costs; and economics of insurance over three and-a-half days.

Public Policy Institutes

Public Policy Institutes build on the economic training provided in the Economics Institute and focus on specifiy policy areas. They are designed to give participants a solid understanding of the economic analysis of law and are taught by leading scholars on the subject. The objective is to enhance the analytical tools that lawyers in AG offices bring to the conduct of their legal practice.