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LEC Workshop for Law Professors on the Economics of Litigation and Civil Procedure

Event Date: Friday, January 25 to Monday, January 28, 2013

Location: South Seas Island Resort 5400 Plantation Road, Capitva Island, FL 33924

Program Description: The goal of the Workshop for Law Professors on the Economics of Litigation and Civil Procedure is to help participants enhance their understanding of economics, broaden their analytical tools, and allow them to introduce greater economic sophistication and policy relevance to their academic work. This workshop is aimed at law professors interested in teaching and conducting research related to civil procedure and litigation, and is carefully designed for those who possess little or no previous formal economics education. The workshop will focus on how economic analysis is used to examine the rules of civil procedure and their effect on litigants’ incentives and litigation outcomes.  The workshop will also examine recent scholarship on the economics of procedural reform as well as research strategies and data sources used to empirically measure the effect of such rules changes.

Terms and Conditions:  Refundable Deposit and Honorarium:  Accepted applicants must make a $500 deposit bonding their attendance within 30 days of acceptance.  For each workshop, the deposit is refunded within 30 days after successful completion of the workshop.  In addition, an honorarium of $500 is paid within 30 days of successful completion of the workshop.

Due to the nature of our funding, we can only accept applications from the United States and Canada.




For More Information, Contact: Jeff Smith
Coordinator, Henry G. Manne Programs


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