Manne Faculty Forum

Event Date: Friday, September 7, 2012

Location: George Mason University School of Law

Program Description: The Manne Faculty Forum is an annual Roundtable, held in September, where junior tenure-track faculty at George Mason University School of Law present draft papers for comment, discussion, and critique by senior faculty at the law school. Each author also invites one other discussant of their choice to participate. Following the Forum, the authors revise their papers and seek publication. The following published papers were first presented at the Manne Faculty Forum.

The Manne Faculty Forum is named for Henry G. Manne, Dean Emeritus of George Mason University School of Law, founder of the Law & Economics Center, and champion for the free-market foundations of the law and economics movement. 




“Judicial Regulation of Insurance Policies After National Regulation Reform”

Michelle Boardman



“Forcing Patent Claims”

Tun-Jen Chiang



An Exclusive License Is Not an Assignment: Disentangling Divisibility and Transferability of Ownership in Copyright

Christopher M. Newman



Salience and Sin: Designing Taxes in the New Sin Era

Rachelle Holmes Perkins



The Deportation Conundrum

Elina Treyger




“What is the Impact of Corporate Political Activity Under Citizens United? An Empirical and Public Choice Enquiry”

J.W. Verret



For More Information, Contact: Henry G. Manne Programs