LEC Research Roundtable on Extreme Deference to Agency Interpretations of Vague and Ambiguous Regulations

Event Date: Tuesday, May 20 to Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Location: George Mason University School of Law,3301 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201

The papers discussed at the Roundtable were later presented at the LEC Public Policy Conference on Administration Unbound? Delegation, Deference, and Discretion.




Seminole Rock and the Interpretive Dimension of Deference

Kevin M. Stack, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research, Vanderbilt Law School



Digging Underneath Seminole Rock

Amy Wildermuth, Professor of Law and Associate Vice President of Faculty, SJ Quinney College of Law, University of Utah

Sanne H. Knudsen, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law



The Origins and Legacy of Whitman v American Trucking

C. Boyden Gray, Founding Partner, Boyden Gray & Associates



Relationship Between Non-Delegation Doctrine and Chevron Deference

Neomi Rao, Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University



Judicial Review of Regulatory Science

David E. Bernstein, George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law



Judicial Review of Cost-Benefit Analysis

W. Kip Viscusi, University Distinguished Professor of Law, Economics and Management; Co-Director, PhD Program in Law and Economics, Vanderbilt Law School


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