About Us

The Law & Economics Center at George Mason University School of Law is a national center for research and education that focuses on the timely and relevant economic analysis of legal and public policy issues confronting our nation.

The vision of the LEC is that if policymakers understand economics, they will be more likely to make sound decisions that support the rule of law and the free enterprise system, thus advancing innovation, job creation, and economic growth.  The LEC is committed to developing original, high-quality law and economics research and education programs to further enhance this understanding. 

Since its inception in 1974, the Law & Economics Center has played a critical role as a leader in law and economics research and education.  The LEC recognizes both the importance of timely, relevant, and unassailable research on public policy issues as well as the necessity of communicating research findings to those who are directly shaping our country’s public policy discussions.  With research divisions devoted to large-scale empirical projects and top-quality legal policy analysis, and educational arms reaching out to judges, attorneys general, and other policymakers, the LEC is uniquely equipped to positively impact national policy and outcomes.